Thursday, May 31, 2007

Contributions Needed

Why blog?
Quite a few people have asked me this question. There are quite a few pretty good websites, a great podcast and the news group at is pretty active too. Then why should one start a blog? As someone commented, a news group should be enough to discuss most things.

I think that there is a place for everything. The BITX20 required a group of its own due to the sort of discussions it generates (Hans created it to take the discussions offline from the homebrewing news group). The Yahoo group also allowed us to post circuits, swap videos and document the modifications each one of us has been making.

Similarly, Bill's podcast is an armchair QSO. Almost like listening to a ragchew on a quite evening with your favourite caffeine in a steaming mug.

A blog is an easy to handle website that you can update incrementally. It requires little involvement in terms of layout and content management. I will just post if I find something useful to share. It helps to be able to start a topic, post a circuit, discuss and archive it and move onto the next topic.

Looking for contributions
I am looking forward to receiving suggestions, circuits and ideas from all the readers. I will take it upon myself to clean them up and put them on the site. I will, of course, give credits to you. My only requirement is that you draw your circuits in your favourite painting program using the using these symbols (These symbol images are from Harry Lythall's excellent website):

Send me your contributions to my gmail account. My gmail ID is afarhan. (Figure out the email yourself. This is to confuse the email harvesting programs).

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